THE EDWARD BEST STORY World renowned for his unparalleled use of not only color, but also black and grey, in which he creates captivating images that immerse the mind, soul, and body in a fusion of unparalleled realism. His keen eye for detail and refusal to accept anything but the best creates an unsurpassed visual presentation that takes hold of the imagination and leaves the viewer demanding more. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Edward Best has overcome numerous obstacles to rise up and become one of the most formidable artists in the industry. Edward Best’s ability to rise above and transform his struggle into triumphs exemplifies the true meaning of talent. Each groundbreaking work of art pushes the envelope and challenges others to match his skill. Edward best has dedicated his life to his artwork, cementing his name as one of the front runners within the industry. His versatility lends him not only to realism, but to bend the bar and create new cohesions of art that push past traditional definitions, extinguishing labels, and defying the rules. Edward Best is a trailblazer, unafraid to follow his own path with only the hope to open doors for others. With his skills, dedication, and focus, Edward Best will continue to strive for more. Accepting nothing but the best, refusing to ever give up despite what the world may say, and to continue to fight to be better than his yesterdays.
POCH FINE ARTS Edward Best Art With Elegance
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